emily caitlin

Brand Necromancer // Design Strategist

I breathe life into brands and products by making the complex digestible, 
by unearthing and transforming truths into design opportunities,
and by pushing confines of society, technology, and corporate decree.
The following bodies of work catalogue my processes of brand development from conception to future extensions:
Soul Manipulation
Shake 'n Bake, an unvalued pantry
staple, transcends conventionalism.
Gap, a mundane retail store, becomes
an anti-fashion clothing service.
The game of chess perseveres in
a new type of dating application.
The game of chess perseveres in
a new type of dating application.
Soul Absorption
McDonald's backs a culturally-
explorative dining experience.
A pair of headphones
composes its own music.
Netflix and Swanson bring back
the T.V. dinner with a twist.
Living in the moment
Every risk is an opportunity and more times than not, I'll take it. In 2013, I unerringly jumped on the back of a date’s motorcycle. I immediately fell in love. Not with the guy, but with the way the motorcycle made me feel: completely attuned to my surroundings.
striving for Balance
That harmonious feeling is vital to everything I've come to love whether it's swimming, riding, singing, or developing a brand. I find beauty in interconnectedness, which has made me particularly attentive to details.
Prioritizing Truth and knowledge
I’m the only woman in Virginia with a motorcycle-only license because I didn't want to drive a car before I knew how a clutch worked. When I decided to learn how to ride I not only spent days in empty parking lots practicing for extreme circumstances, but I also took on learning the mechanics of a bike.
Determination & Patience
When I took on weightlifting, I did so wholeheartedly. With knowledge and practice of good form and not one minute spent on cardio, I trained my body to squat and deadlift over 200 pounds.
seeing the bigger picture
Whether it’s because I innately make good judgements or because my closest friends are distant in age, I’ve been termed an old soul. Some resort to calling me ‘a grandma’ when I express my love for Peanut Chews or Canasta, but I guess that’s because I can recognize something great regardless of a stereotype.
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